Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And my response

Whilst not wanting to make the point that this is a stag do in the hands of my best men and not a bunch of suits sat around an expensive table with commissioned art and a funny shaped phone....

The reason we were looking to book a hostel was to keep costs down for those of us with lower incomes/high overheads due to excess of children.

Now looking up the list I can see none of us fall into the unskilled labourer bracket but there are a number with excess children (and also recent change of address and job).

I am happy to leave this to my best men after a straw poll, but we should be in the hands of the most needy stagger. This is, after all, a communist stag.

Please let PeeWee and Boris know your feelings.

Big Owl has come around to the idea of slumming it if needed and I am sure is most apologetic to those of us who are still extremely attractive to the opposite sex (Eggman, Ratty, Stix, Toblerone).

Also can you suggest nickames for people. Nothing too harsh.

We are thinking Cologne. Never even heard of Bochum.

Love you all


Big Owl's reply to my hostel suggestion

I feel I should join in with my two cents.  Whilst Spunky Trunks may not wish to grow up just yet (although he is at least taking his first steps and getting married, finally),  I'm over 40 and am far too spoilt to slum it in a hostel with a group of old dudes.  The last time I did it was when I shared a room at a guest house in Oxford with Manabouttown on Peewee's stag do, which was something like 25 years ago, and I hoped never to repeat the experience.  Besides, even if the hostel were stuffed to the gunnels with 19 year old female dutchies, we're all now too old/fat/hairy/bald/married to interest them.
If it is to be somewhere like Köln (please not Düsseldorf and deffo not somewhere like Bochum, 'tis a shithole), there are plenty of good 4 star hotels available that weekend in the city at reasonable prices:

I love you guys,
Big Owl

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ow ya

Well! Only 5 days to go in my final placement and my report was top marks! Looks like I'm gonna end up teaching. Start real teaching in July at a catholic girl's school.


and hopefully mum out of hospital this week.

Just need summer back....


Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm gonna shit on your floor

I have finished my 5,000 word assignment. Yeah ok it's not quite 5,000 words, but it's near enough.

Other news....there are whispers that The Can of Worms maybe reforming for reunion gig!

Don't get too excited.

Anyway! Some photos from the london marathon weekend.

I'm rather fond of a cheeky placard!

This dude near the Lyceum amused me even more.

And finally my starter, made on the Saturday. It was delicious!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Making sense of secondary science

Ah the joy of assignments, I have 5,000 words to write and I have written about 1,500. I really do suck.
On a brighter note though, it appears summer is here and I have a bike! A present from the lovely Helen Bellini.
The problem is I took the wheel off and fucked it up.
Will have to try and fix it tomorrow.

There is a yellow moon tonight!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Afternoon naps are where it's at

I had an awesome night out last night with my good mates Phil the Greek (back from Brooklyn), Gav the egg and Ritchie Biscuit. Lots of good chat had down in Vauxhall and then at a cheeky (and very expensive) Italian where we just had a load of starters cos we wanted Spanish really. Luckily Philly could put most on his expenses.

Accordingly I am rather jaded today.

In interesting point of discussion:
Are lap dances cheating?
Well......I don't really understand lap dances as I see them as the equivalent of being shown nice food very close up and not being allowed to eat it. But I would hazard to say that if you are fingering the dancer in question then perhaps it is. All opinions welcome.

On an even more interesting note though. Sculptures of cheese:

I was impressed! Althought the Eiffel Tower looks a bit phallic to me.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

High yellow hair and worn brown suit

It's Easter!!! And that means holidays!

Unfortunately as a student it also means a 5,000 word assignment.

Boo to that!

And one other thing! Why have non added sugar cordials suddenly taken such a big chunk of the supermarket shelf? This means I accidentally buy them and they taste like shite.

Biggest culprit - Robinsons! I mean what the fuck Robinsons. The whole point of cordials is that they are sweet and make your drink taste good. Not make them taste vaguely chemically and a bit like a shite wine gum.

Badly done.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

The august musings of Leonard P Miskovitch

Hmmmmm, Saturday night. Blown on for beers so I am gonna stay in and cook a thai red curry and watch shit on telly. Total Wipeout is quakity viewing, but this red nose day dance stuff is piss poor. Ade Edmundson should retire (or do a final series of the Young Ones) and who the fuck are Lee Nelson and Omlette?

Anyway. Life at present is busy. I am training to be a teacher and it's fucking hard. 3 months in a shitehole comp almost killed me and I'm now in an independent school. Totally different story!

Right cooking..,..,,